DeFi Basket
Getting Started

What is DeFi Basket?

DeFi Basket is a DeFi portfolio sharing protocol that enables you to build or copy portfolios of DeFi investments in a single transaction.

How to copy a portfolio?

DeFi Basket enables you to choose a portfolio you like and copy it entirely in just one transaction. You can check a list of portfolios here.
How to copy a portfolio
To copy a portfolio, click on Invest. In this screen, select the portfolio you want to copy in the Featured section. This will show you the details of the portfolio allocation and the current invested money on it.
Click on Copy Portfolio, then select the amount of MATIC you want to invest in your copy. After inputting this value, click on Preview Transaction. The operations that will be done to generate the portfolio will be shown, and you can finish copying the portfolio by clicking on the Copy Portfolio button.

How to create a portfolio?

If there is no portfolio you would like to copy, you also have the option to set the desired allocations in our UI and to buy them with just one click. You can do it here.
How to create a portfolio - note that you can choose assets from multiple types of protocols.
First, click on Create. In this screen, you will be able to select the assets that will be included in your portfolio and their proportions (in USD). We support integration with Aave, Autofarm and many ERC20 tokens, and you can filter the assets based on its type. If an asset is not present in the asset list, but you want us to include it, send us a message!
After this step is done, click on Next Step and select the token which you want to deposit to initialize the portfolio and how much you would like to deposit. Then, click on Next Step.
The operations that will be done to generate the portfolio will be shown, and you can finish creating the portfolio by clicking on the Create Portfolio button. If you want to edit or check your portfolios later, click on Invest (or click directly in this link).

How to share a portfolio?

If you have a portfolio you like and would like to share, you can see all the portfolios you own here. Just click in one of them and share the link in the address bar so others will be able to copy it.
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